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Posted by mistermobile on Aug 23, 2009
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What is GCASH Click?

GCASH CLICK is a new payment facility that integrates online payment via SMS with a pick-up and delivery service. A first in the Philippines, GCASH CLICK aims to make online shopping safe, affordable and hassle-free! No need to leave your home as GCASH CLICK will pick-up and deliver purchased items for you through our accredited courier, Delbros, Inc., all while holding your funds temporarily and releasing the payment to your seller only until the merchandise has been delivered to you.

Simply activate your GCASH wallet under a Globe or TM phone and register to GCASH Click! so you can let your fingers do the shopping!

Why shop with GCASH Click?

It’s Secure!

Shop online with a safe payment facility! GCASH Click uses the SafeShopper system, a trust account that temporarily holds funds on behalf of an individual until the completion of the transaction. This benefits the buyers and sellers of GCASH Click by providing added security, as it holds the buyer’s payment temporarily until the item purchased has been delivered and accepted, and payment is released to seller only when item acceptance is confirmed.

It’s Stress-Free!

Shop anytime even while at home! No need to leave the house to pay for online purchases with GCASH Click. Register your Globe or TM phone to GCASH and once you’ve funded your GCASH wallet, you’re ready for safe and hassle-free shopping!

Sellers get to deliver items from the comfort of home. With GCASH Click, shipping is more convenient because the courier comes to you! GCASH Click’s official courier, Delbros Inc., picks-up and delivers items wherever you want.

SMS and E-mail updates will keep you in the loop on the status of your purchase. No need to make calls to check on your items. GCASH Click will do the updating for you. A 24-hour customer service is also available seven days a week and you can also check item delivery status online thru http://mosh.ph/ .

How does GCASH Click work?

STEP 1 : Sign-in or Register

1. When ready to purchase an item from any Philippine online shopping site, log in to the GCASH Click site for payment.

2. Make sure that your Globe or TM mobile phone is registered to GCASH and your GCASH wallet is funded for a hassle-free shopping experience.

3. If you are new to the site, register for free to GCASH Click and accept the Terms & Conditions for faster payment of your online purchases.

4. Log on to your GCASH Click account

STEP 2 : Buy or Sell

1. Fill up the BUYER’s portion of the order form and click “submit”

2. Your SELLER will receive an SMS and email notification on you purchase offer. SELLER logs on to GCASH Click and completes the SELLER’s portion of the order form and is submitted to you for confirmation.

3. You will receive an SMS and email notification requesting you to confirm all transaction details in the GCASH Click site.

GCASH Click sends you an SMS to debit your payment from your GCASH wallet by replying with your MPIN.

GCASH Click temporarily holds the payment to reduce potential risks and fraud. GCASH Click disburses the payment to the SELLER upon BUYER’s inspection and acceptance of the item.

4. Delbros picks-up item from the SELLER and schedules delivery to your doorstep. Payment is released to your SELLER once you have received, inspected and accepted the item.


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