Warship Solitaire for Apple iOS [Free for Limited Time]

Posted by mistermobile on Nov 27, 2016
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Warship Solitaire for Apple iOS


** FREE for Thanksgiving holiday weekend! Search “Nexx Studio” for more amazing free games **

Warship Solitaire is a challenging and fun logic puzzle game that’s similar to Sudoku and Picross.

Your objective is to locate the hidden enemy ships on the map, using the given hints and the number indicators within the map. Test your mind in over 125 challenging levels.

* Challenge yourself in easy Seaman puzzle rank through to the absurdly difficulty Admiral puzzle rank
* Over 125 solvable puzzles using pure logic and deduction. No guessing!
* Autosave to continue each puzzle right where you left off
* Game Center achievements
* Optimized for iOS 8 and latest iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
* Universal app (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch)

Available exclusively, only on the App Store.


** I’ve completed Seaman difficulty but Lieutenant difficulty is not unlocking. Is this a bug?
No it is not a bug. The next difficulty will only be unlocked once all of the puzzles within the current difficulty is completed. Level(s) marked in white, indicate that they are incomplete. Meanwhile, level(s) marked in orange numbers indicate levels that they have been completed.

** The square is not turning into a ship. Is this a bug?
No it is not a bug. Grey block(s) will only turn into ship once all of it’s surrounding blocks are marked as water. As seen in tutorial and game screenshot. The game is designed this way to help you validate your answers. This is not a bug!

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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