How to Enable App Extensions for Apple Maps on iPhone

Posted by mistermobile on Oct 7, 2016
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How to Enable App Extensions for Apple Maps on iPhone

Here are some Apps in the App Store that have built Extensions for Apple Maps;

* OpenTable: Allows you to book tables in over 38,000 restaurants around the world.

* Yelp: Allows you to get deals on thousands of restaurants, shops and services.

* Lyft: As the pronunciation of the word suggests, Lyft helps you get rides from nearby community drivers.

* Uber: Well known service that has come up as a convenient alternative to the regular Taxi service.

* Zomato: Another Food and Restaurant Finder App

How to Enable App Extensions for Apple Maps on iPhone

In order to Enable App Extensions in Apple Maps, you first need to download and install the app that has built Extensions for Apple Maps. In this case, let us try installing the OpenTable App and see how to enable its App Extension for Apple Maps.

Step 1. Open the App store on your iPhone or iPad

Step 2. Next, tap on the Search Icon from the bottom menu

Step 3. Search for “Open Table” app on the App Store, Download and Install the OpenTable app to your iPhone.

Step 4. Next, look for OpenTable App on your Home Screen and tap on it.

Step 5. On the next screen, allow the app to share your location whenever you are prompted to do so.

Close the OpenTable app and follow the steps below to enable OpenTable App Extension for Apple Maps on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 1. From the Home Screen of your iPhone or iPad, tap on Settings.

Step 2. On the Settings Screen, scroll down and tap on Maps.

Step 3. On the Maps screen, scroll down to the Extensions section and enable the OpenTable app Extension for Apple Maps on your iPhone by moving the slider to ON position

This will enable the OpenTable app Extension for the Maps app on your iPhone, providing the Maps app with additional functionality.

How to Use App Extensions For Apple Maps

Once you enable App Extensions for Apple Maps, the third party apps will become closely integrated with Apple Maps on your iPhone, allowing you to get more out of Apple Maps.

Step 1. Open the Maps App on your iPhone

Step 2. Swipe up on your iPhone and search for a Restaurant (For example “Keg Steakhouse”) by typing its name in the search bar.

Step 3. Tap on “The Keg Steakhouse” as it comes up in search results.

Step 4. On the next screen, you will see the location details of the Restaurant that you were trying to look up, along with the OpenTable App Extension providing you an easy way to book a table.

App Extensions Missing in Apple Maps

In case you do not see the “Extensions” section on Apple Maps Settings screen, it simply means that you do not have those Apps installed on your iPhone which support Extensions for Apple Maps.

If you do have apps like Uber and OpenTable on your iPhone and do not see the Extension Section, it is likely that these apps have not been updated.

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