How to Enable App Support for Siri in iOS 10

Posted by mistermobile on Oct 5, 2016
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How to Enable App Support for Siri in iOS 10


Step 1. You’re going to need an app installed on your iOS 10 device that is fully capable of interacting with Siri.

– Linkedin
– Vogue Runway
– Venmo
– WhatsApp
– Zova
– Lyft
– Map My Run
– Square Cash
– Discover Mobile
– Uber

Step 2. Once you have a compatible app installed from the App Store, launch the Settings app and then tap on Siri.

Step 3. Scroll down to App Support and tap on it. This new interface will show you all of the currently installed applications that have already been updated with iOS 10 SiriKit support.

Step 4. You can now toggle the switch to the On position for each app that you wish to allow Siri access to. That app then becomes available to use via Siri, which in turn can make your experience of using your favourite apps a whole lot simpler to perform certain tasks and interact with certain features.

Step 5. For apps like Airmail, you can give commands to Siri like “send an email to David using Airmail.” If WhatsApp is your communication tool of choice, then Siri can simply be told to “start a voice call with Angela using WhatsApp” or “send a message using WhatsApp.” Alternatively, if fitness is your thing, and you are already in the middle of tracking a run with Runtastic, then you can simply say “end my current run with Runtastic” to Siri, and that deep level integration means that it will be done instantly. Uber user? just ask Siri to “get me a cab” or “order me an Uber” and she’ll do the rest for you.

It’s important to remember that this new Siri integration is extremely powerful, but it also needs to have the name of the app announced properly.

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