How to Delete “Documents and Data” on iPhone and iPad

Posted by mistermobile on Aug 9, 2016
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How to Delete Documents and Data on iPhone and iPad

When you check for the storage space taken by the apps on your device, you may be surprised to find something called “Documents and Data” taking up a lot of storage space on your iPhone or iPad. In some cases the storage space taken up by “Documents and Data” ends up being greater than the actual app itself.

Each app on your iPhone stores things like app caches, sign-in info, message history and app related attachments. All this information is labeled as “Documents and Data” on your iPhone.

Over a period of time all this information ends up taking up storage space on your device and it is not uncommon to see the “Documents and Data” taking up more storage space than the app itself.


Step 1. Open the “Settings” app in iOS

Step 2. Go to “General” and then go to “Storage & iCloud Usage”

Step 3. Go to “Manage Storage” under the ‘Storage’ section

Step 4. Find the application(s) that have the ‘Documents & Data’ you want to delete (for example, Twitter is a 64MB app but can often take up several hundred MB with its Documents and Data), then tap on that app and choose “Delete App”

Step 5. Now go to the “App Store” and search for and re-download the app you just deleted

Step 6. After the app has finished re-downloading, if you return to the same Storage screen you will find it now consumes much less space because the documents and data has been cleared out

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