Pokemon GO – Battery Saving Tips

Posted by mistermobile on Jul 27, 2016
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Pokemon GO - Battery Saving Tips

Tip 1. Manually Adjust Screen Brightness

Devices with the dimmest setting lasted approximately three hours longer than the brightest setting.

Tip 2. Minimize In-Game Actions

– Capture only new Pokemon, unless you really need the evolution shards for a particular species.
– If you are well stocked on items, skip a few Pokestop during your travels.
– Avoid zooming in and out of the Map.
– Choose to capture Pokemon without using AR Mode (Use of Camera).
– Avoid Gyms unless your particular gaming session is focused on training and/or battling.

Tip 3. Turn Sound Off

Pplaying without music and sound will definitely help to reduce the speed at which your battery in drained.

Tip 4. Close Background Apps

Closing non-essential Apps is critical to saving battery life.

Tip 5. Turn off Bluetooth

Unless you are using the Pokemon Go Plus, which requires Bluetooth to sync with your phone, turn your Bluetooth off. Although, having Bluetooth on (not connected) drains minimal battery, over the course of one day it does help in saving some.

Tip 6. Turn off Wi-Fi

If you are strictly using Mobile Data to play Pokemon Go, you do not need Wi-Fi to be on.

Tip 7. Not Playing? Use Airplane Mode

When your phone is not in use (School, work, gym etc.) the easiest way to conserve energy is to simply turn your device off. The other option is to put your phone in Airplane Mode to disable cellular service, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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