How to Install a Tracking App on an Android Device

Posted by mistermobile on Jul 21, 2016
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Monitoring apps have recently gained a lot of popularity. They are easy to install and provide fast and accurate results. Moreover, at a very reasonable price it provides you all the information you need about the person you are tracking. It can be used by parents to check on their kids, employers to keep an eye on their employees or spouses to keep an eye on their partners. Most tracking apps available in the market work in both Android and iOS devices, but here we will discuss how a tracking app can be installed in an android device.

Features of a tracking app:

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Before we go through the procedure, let’s first go through the features of a tracking app. A basic monitoring app consists of the following essential features:

* Monitoring of text messages, contacts and call logs
* Viewing emails and internet browsing history
* Browsing through gallery and multimedia files
* Tracking location

Xnspy a tracking and monitoring app, includes extra features such as:

* Surround recording: this lets you record the surrounding sounds of the target device. The recording is done while the phone remains locked.
* Watchlisting: You can specify certain words and contacts on the device so that every time those words and contacts appear you are sent a notification.
* Geofencing: Like words and contacts, you can also mark places using a tracking app. whenever the device enters the marked areas you receive an alert.
* App viewing and blocking: Using a tracking app you can go through the content various apps such as ‘WhatsApp’, ‘Viber’ and ‘Skype’ and can even block them.
* Remote control: This lets you erase the data of the phone remotely and allows you to lock it.

Installing the app in an android device:

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Getting any app installed, in general, is easier in android devices than it is in Apple devices. The work app works smoothly on smartphones as well as tablets. Therefore, getting a tracking app installed in an android device involves some quick and easy steps:

1. Choosing the app

The first thing you need to do is to determine which app you want to install and why. Read the reviews and product description thoroughly before purchasing one. Also go through the term and conditions of the company before finalizing your decision. Remember to always choose the app that suits your requirements and meets the budget.

2. Purchasing and installing

Once you decide which product to buy you would have to pay for it according to the company’s policies. If you are buying Xnspy then you can pay monthly, quarterly or yearly, there is no free trial. After purchasing the app you will be sent a link for downloading the app. How you receive that link varies from brand to brand but generally it is sent via an email. To install the app you need to open the link in the target device. You may also directly install the app from Playstore on the target device and proceed with the downloading steps. Depending on the size of the app and the speed of your internet, the app will take 4-5 min to install. Since downloading an app is easier in an android device, you want have to go through a lot of hassle to install it.

3. Configuring the control panel

After installation, you will be sent a username and password for a web based control panel. Accessibility of the control panel is different for different brands. For Xnspy you can open your control panel through the company’s website. The control panel is where you can monitor the target device and control it. You can work through the settings and adjust according to your requirements. Once the app is installed in the device it will not be visible to the person using and will run in secrecy. Make sure to buy the app that goes easy on the battery as a fast draining battery is a dead giveaway.

Installing a tracking app in an android device is easy and takes very little time. There are numerous mobile monitoring apps out there to choose from. Remember to choose the one with the best reviews and a reasonable price.

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