How to Fix LG G5 Bluetooth Issues

Posted by mistermobile on Jun 1, 2016
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The common method to fix the LG G5 Bluetooth issues is to clear the Bluetooth data with the clear the cache guide. The cache allows for the temporary data to be stored for better help when switching between apps. This issue is most commonly found when you connect your LG G5 with the car Bluetooth devices. So whenever you face such kind of issue, it’s recommended to clear the Bluetooth cache and data and try reconnecting. Below are several other steps on how to fix LG G5 Bluetooth problems.


Step 1. Turn on the LG G5.

Step 2. Go to home screen and select the app icon.

Step 3. Then select on the settings icon.

Step 4. Browse for the Application Manager.

Step 5. Display All Tabs by swiping either right or left.

Step 6. Select on Bluetooth.

Step 7. Select to stop it forcefully.

Step 8. Now clear the cache.

Step 9. Select clear the Bluetooth data.

Step 10. Select Ok.

Step 11. Finally restart the LG G5.

If the steps above don’t work, try putting your LG G5 into recovery mode and wipe cache partition. After that, try to connect the LG G5 with another Bluetooth device in range and it should work. These instructions should be able to solve any Bluetooth problems you have on your LG G5.


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