Wifi Fixer for Android (Free)

Posted by mistermobile on May 18, 2016
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Wifi Fixer for Android


Wifi Fixer is a free app under a GNU/GPL licence that will help you to solve almost all problems you have with the connectivity of your WiFi nets in your Android smartphone or tablet. If some time, you have felt, even when you are connected to a Wifi net, that you apps cannnot connect to the Internet or you see that your Internet connection gets lost and your device cannot connect to any knownw WiFi net, Wifi Fixer is the best solution for you.

It is a really small app that almost do not use any space in your device neither a hige quantitty of resources, besides doing all its work in a second plan. Wifi Fixer detects automatically the different problems with the WiFi connection and tries (with great success) to fix them so you can kleep on using the apps that you have and that needs Internet connection without losing time.

Amongst many other functions, Wifi Fixer can recognise your common WiFi accesses points and it assures the connection of your Android device to this nets, so if in a moment, the connection fails, Wifi Fixer will try to keep it even when the signal is low in power.

WiFi Fixer is an app designed in open source that is really worth, much more than any other similar apps that are payment apps or that they have a lot of advertising in them. Wifi Fixer works with total efficency in a second place and it consumes as less resources as possible and it does not even have, as the author states, and never will have any kind of advertising in it. Download free Wifi Fixer in your Android smartphone or tablet, a free app that will allow you to forget about all the problems that you have had with your WiFi connection.



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