iArrow for Apple iOS [Free for Limited Time]

Posted by mistermobile on May 17, 2016
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iArrow for Apple iOS


Free today with ‘App of the Day’.
iArrow provides navigation where there are no roads. The app will show you the way back to your car, campsite or hotel and help you reach the nearest settlement if you get lost. This app features a built-in database of 2,000,000 localities around the world and does not require internet or cellular connection.

Unlike navigation systems that show a blank map, iArrow instantly launches and very clearly indicates the direction and distance to the destination. The app consumes little energy and saves battery power.

The app is useful for travelers, fishermen, hunters, including anyone who engages in recreation and works in the countryside. It is a reliable and easy navigation tool that fits perfectly in your hand.

With iArrow, you can quickly save the coordinates of attractions, objects and key points along your route, and share them in any convenient way (SMS, Email, Twitter, Airdrop, etc.). You will be able to enter and send coordinates in a variety of formats and import them from the clipboard.


* User Guide (Settings/?)
* Clear interface, uncompromising design
* You do not need an Internet connection *
* 2,000,000 settlements in the database
* Built-in online map
* Ability to search for objects by address
* Automatic detection of the address of the current position
* Indication of GPS accuracy
* Determination of direction using magnetic compass
* Determination of direction using GPS coordinates
* Radar mode that displays Favorites, History and settlements
* Displays full information about position, speed, altitude, etc.
* Lock screen
* Settings
* Metric and Imperial Units
* Low energy usage
* Support for iOS8 and iPhone 5/5s/6/6+


* Support for the latitude/longitude, UTM and MGRS coordinate formats
* Support latitude and longitude as decimal degrees, degrees/minutes/seconds and etc.
* Easy input of coordinates – special keyboards for each format
* Setting destination using azimuth and distance
* Convert GPS coordinates between degrees formats, UTM and MGRS on the fly
* Viewing coordinates on an online map
* Sending and receiving coordinates via SMS
* Import and export coordinates via SMS, Email, and Airdrop
* Import and export list of coordinates
* Import and export links to Google, Apple, Yandex, and OSM maps
* Import coordinates from the clipboard
* Automatic determination of format of imported coordinates
* Easily add, delete, or edit coordinates
* Automatically save the coordinates in History
* Search in Favorites and History
* Sorting Favorites/History by new and nearest points
* List of nearby settlements

* An Internet connection is required to view online maps if the area that you wish to view has not been previously cached (viewed in advance).

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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