A+ Signature – The Photo Annotator for Apple iOS [Free for Limited Time]

Posted by mistermobile on May 5, 2016
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A+ Signature - The Photo Annotator for Apple iOS


A+ Signature and Mix on Pix are Free from May 4th to May 8th for Mother’s day.
A+ Signature is a multi-usage photo annotation app which allows you to make your mark on any photo.

Note: We have released the new Mix on Pix app. It’s a major improvement over A+ Signature. Check it out!

* Use A+ Signature as a productivity tool to annotate pictures at work or at home.
* Protect your pictures with an elegant watermark.
* Create fun Photocards and share them with your friends.
* Add any autograph to your photos.
* Express yourself with Internet memes.

A+ Signature’s unique combination of texts and hand drawing tools makes it easy for all the family to enhance and share photos.


– Using the keyboard, add multiples texts
– Using the capture screen, add multiples drawings or smooth handwritings
– Built with one of the best handwritten signature technologies in the App Store
– Use the Catalog to easily reuse your favorite texts and drawings
– Use customizable Stock Items
– Share your annotated photos with friends via email, AirDrop or by sending them to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram
– Photos can be opened/sent from/to other compatible apps
– Use any fonts from your device plus 105 carefully selected fonts to get 280+ font variations

– Easily move, rotate and resize your texts and drawings
– Copy/Paste of texts or drawings. You can even paste any text or drawing to other apps!
– Signature screen allows the use of 2 fingers pan and pinch gestures to virtually increase the drawing surface and resize your drawings.

– For each text and drawing, set the opacity, the color and a shadow
– For each text, set the font and set a black or white edge color
– Works well with your fingers or a stylus
– Tested with a 25 megapixels Panorama photo

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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