How to Combine Online Marketing with Traditional Marketing

Posted by mistermobile on May 4, 2016
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We’re frequently told that the whole world is moving online and so the only way to sell anything is to use the internet to find your buyers. While there is some truth to this statement, the real brick-and-mortar world isn’t going to disappear just because we’re all spending more time on our computers. Traditional marketing techniques have developed over decades and have served all kinds of businesses extremely well. We don’t need to start learning a new kind of marketing from scratch; instead, we should be looking for ways to combine traditional marketing with online marketing to best effect.

Digital vs analogue

Online or digital marketing is any form of marketing that uses the internet. This encompasses social media, search engine optimization and marketing, link building, and direct marketing via email and other online messaging services. Customers need to be engaged via informative and/or entertaining content on websites, blogs, and social media platforms, and via targeted online advertising.

Traditional marketing includes advertising via offline media such as print, radio, TV, posters, etc. It also includes direct marketing via phone, mail, or word of mouth. Shop front displays, networking, and managing publicity via activities intended to generate positive press interest are all tried-and-tested traditional marketing techniques.

The advantages of online

Online marketing has developed its own techniques and methods that are increasingly sophisticated. Advertising can be tailored to an individual’s preferences based on their browsing and purchasing history, their social media profile, and so on. The integrated nature of the internet means that marketing and sales are more co-related, and so measurements and analytics can be deployed with greater speed and accuracy. All of these factors add to the appeal of digital marketing for businesses.

Back to the old school

It would be wrong to suggest that traditional marketing techniques have had their day, however. For small local businesses, for instance, it can pay to advertise and communicate more widely within their own local community. A small local store relies on goodwill and word-of-mouth support within its immediate neighborhood. While a web presence is still an advantage, advertising in the local press may be more effective and also creates a positive association of mutual support with other local businesses.

Mixing it up

There are many ways to combine online and offline marketing. The basic principles of traditional marketing can be employed online with successful results, and indeed any digital marketer needs a firm grasp of traditional methods to be successful in their job. Actual mixed media campaigns can also be effective; for instance, posters or business cards that include QR codes that can be scanned with a cellphone. The AladdinPrintPhil company is a business card maker that has successfully adapted to the modern age by combining traditional marketing forms with the new possibilities offered by digital.

Many digital marketing buzz phrases, such as social media marketing, are merely traditional marketing techniques applied to new media. Direct marketing via email works on much the same principle as old-fashioned mailshots. While new technical skills and an understanding of the media are necessary, online marketing is still about communication and selling a product, and the basic rules of traditional marketing still apply.

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