How to Backup your Entire Android Device to PC

Posted by mistermobile on Apr 29, 2016
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How to Backup your Entire Android Device to PC


Step 1. Download and install the latest version of the Android SDK Tools.

Step 2. Once you are done with the installation, Open Android Studio->SDK Manager->Android SDK Platform-tools-> Install.

Step 3. Now launch SDK Manager->Android SDK Platform-tools->Install x packages.

Step 4. Go to your Android device settings, Tap on About phone/tablet.

Step 5. Scroll down and tap on build number for 7 times, until you’ll see “You are now a developer“.

Step 6. Go back to settings, scroll down and tap on developer options.

Step 7. In developer options set “USB debugging” to “On“.

Step 8. Connect your Android device with PC using data cable.

Step 9. Now open a Command prompt, navigate to where ADB is located.

Type the following commands as per need.

adb backup -all
adb backup -all -f C:\filenameichoose.ab

You can choose from the followings:

-apk – Backs up your apps.
-noapk – Does not backup apps.
-shared – Backs up data on the SD card.
-noshared – Does not backup data on the SD card.

Step 10. Now once you hit any of the following commands, you’ll see the following message on your device.

How to Backup your Android Device to PC

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