How Topvisor Can Help You Track Ranking Seamlessly Across Projects

Posted by mistermobile on Apr 4, 2016
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How Topvisor Can Help You Track Ranking Seamlessly Across Projects

If your digital marketing guy does not research keywords, track their rankings, crawl and analyze their websites to monitor continuously the flux, then probably you need to wait for an expert. Or, if you know what you want and have the willingness to learn, maybe for the sake of long-term support, you can use Topvisor to help you with some of the analytics and get started.

Topvisor is essentially a rank tracker tool available for iOS 7.1 or later for iPad and iPhone to keep up with your analytics in a timely fashion so that you can take steps without delay and save money and time over optimization. It is a search analytics service, targets the web for accurate results ranging from the number of views to sort via location. They currently released version 1.0.9 with a bunch of updates as listed below:

* The app is tuned to work even faster and features more stability.
* The keywords are now displayed right on the first page for convenience.
* A bug in the password change procedure has been corrected.
* The keyword removing bug has also been fixed.
* Finally, localization errors have also been fixed.

You can have a look at the App or download and try it from iTunes here.

The app allows you a free trial for up to 200 keywords where you can track their rankings without any cost and can manage your website based on the rankings to see if it actually works. It allows you to manage several projects at the same time with its clean and intuitive interface so much so that even beginners find it as useful as a data analyst and tech-savvy marketers.

The Rank Tracker

A little about the rank tracker shall be helpful in understanding the mode of operation and how it helps businesses so profoundly? The most useful feature is to track the rankings of your site and compare it with your nearest competitors, as per your choice set in the app, across various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Sputnik. This does not only yield results from your location, but also worldwide and overseas. Secondly, you can also add domains or pages that you wish to be tracked that can include social media, websites or even your YouTube videos.

All this fuss helps to understand how your site does locally as well as globally allowing you to make changes and amendments to restore and improve your ranking. After all, the better ranked your site is, the more chance of finding customers.

Topvisor, a rank tracker tool, makes it quite easy to research and gather keywords that are accumulating more traffic from all available sources like Google Adwords, Yandex, and Webmaster Bing without any hassle or need to understand their protocols. It also helps you to group your page around keywords to help you identify its overall structure and density while making comparisons.


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