How to Delete “Frequently Visited” Sites from Safari on iPhone and iPad

Posted by mistermobile on Feb 12, 2016
Filed under: Apple iOS Tips

How to Delete Frequently Visited Sites from Safari on iPhone and iPad

This is the same whether it’s Safari on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


1. Open Safari in iOS if you haven’t done so already and open a new tab so that the Favorites section is visible, then scroll down to find Frequently Visited.

2. Tap and hold on the Frequently Visited site / page icon that you want to remove, then let go and tap on the “Delete” button when it appears above the icon to remove it from the Safari Frequently Visited list.

3. Repeat with other pages and links you’d like to remove from the section.

Note: Removed pages will appear again if you visit them again frequently, so even if you delete a page but continue to go visit that site again after the fact, it will show up again.

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