How to Unlock Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game

Posted by mistermobile on Feb 5, 2016
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How to Unlock Facebook Messenger’s Hidden Chess Game


1. Open up a conversation with the person you want to play against.

2. Type [email protected] play” (without quotes) and send the message. This command will unlock the hidden chess game in Facebook Messenger!

You’ll now see a small chess board on screen, and you or your opponent will randomly be selected for the first move.

3. To make a move, type [email protected] and then the letter that corresponds to the piece you want to move. For a rook, use R and for a queen, use Q. You get the idea. Finally, add the tile that you want to move it to. So, an example may be [email protected] Rc4?.

You can enter [email protected] help” to see the full set of commands. Send the message for the move to take affect.

4. Keep making moves until you or your friend wins, or you could enter [email protected] draw claim” to claim a draw, [email protected] draw offer” to offer a draw and [email protected] resign” to resign from the game.


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