How to Use Upside Down Emoji of Apple iOS

Posted by mistermobile on Jan 14, 2016
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How to Use Upside Down Emoji of Apple iOS

When you are in an app where you can enter text and emoji you should see a small smile face icon on your keyboard. If you don’t see that you will need to turn on the Emoji keyboard in Settings, General, Keyboard, Keyboards, Emoji.

If you already see this, tap on the smile face. You cannot search emoji on the iPhone, so you will need to swipe to find the upside down face emoji. It is built-in and there is no need to look for a tip or trick to gain access. In a sea of yellow faces it can be hard to find.

The upside down emoji is in Smileys & People. It is in the third row, third emoji down.

You cannot change the color of the upside down emoji face like you can with other emoji options.

Simply tap on it to put it in your message, Facebook post, Twitter reply or almost any other app.

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