How to Customize Home Button Shortcuts on Android

Posted by mistermobile on Jan 5, 2016
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How to Customize Home Button Shortcuts on Android


1. Head over to the Google Play Store, and download an application called Home2 Shortcut.

2. Launch the applications, and provide it permissions if asked.

3. Keep in mind that using this application to configure your home button shortcut requires a 4-step process.

4. First of all, tap ‘Choose Application’, and then tap on the application which you desire, for example the Google Play Store.

5. Next up is a nifty little feature. Here you can select the duration of your press, so that you accidentally don’t trigger the shortcut every often.

6. Now, it’ll ask you for your current launcher, select one from the list which is your default one.

7. At the end, when you press your home button, it’ll ask for which launcher to use, and tap on the one which says Home2 Shortcut.

8. From now on, you can trigger the double-press thing to open the Google Play Store.

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