How to See Who’s Stealing your Wi-Fi and Block Them

Posted by mistermobile on Dec 23, 2015
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How to See Who is Stealing your Wi-Fi and Block Them


1. Download the network monitoring app Fing.

2. Open it, and you will see the name of your network on the home screen, along with the Refresh and Settings buttons. You will then see a list of devices, along with an indicator that tells you if it’s a smartphone or PC.

Fing shows you the MAC address of each device connected to your network (the number will follow this format and be made up of numbers and letters: ‘xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx’). Make a note of this number.

3. On the computer that is connected to your router, enter your router IP into the browser, then enter your router login details on the next page.

4. Once logged into your router, find the Security options (its location varies between routers and may be located under Advanced Settings).

5. In Security, click MAC Filtering, then Add Device

6. Enter the MAC address of the device you want to ban in the MAC field, give it a name if there is such an option, then click Apply, Save or OK

7. While you’re logged into your router, it might also be worth changing your Wi-Fi password, seeing as your last one may have been compromised.

8. Save and Exit. You’re done. =)

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