How To Block Calls On Android Devices

Posted by mistermobile on Dec 9, 2015
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How To Block Calls On Android Devices

For Samsung Devices:

1. On a Samsung device, open the dialer application, and choose call logs from the various tabs you see.

2. Tap on the number you like to be blocked, and then tap on the button which reads more.

3. You will now see an option wherein you can block the user completely from sending you texts or calling you. Tap on the auto-reject option, and call it a day.

4. To revert the process, do the same exact thing, and instead of seeing an option to enable blocking of the specific contact, you will be able to see an option to unblock him/her instead.

For Stock Android:

1. In the stock version of Android, you need the contact saved in your phonebook in order to block it.

2. First save the contact you want to block, and hop into Contacts application.

3. From there, tap on the name of the person you’d like to block, and tap the little pencil icon right beside it.

4. Now, enable the option which reads enable voicemail. Instead of directly displaying a block option, Google played it safely.

For HTC Devices:

1. The same is with the case of HTC phones. Open up the dialer, and fire up the contact you want to be blocked.

2. Tap and hold on the contact, and select ‘ Block Caller’.

3. To enable the use of searching for blocked contacts, use the menu icon in your dialer application, and use the blocked contacts application.

For Sony Devices:

1. Exact is the case with Sony devices, such as it is with Stock Android devices.

2. You need the contact saved in your phonebook in order to block it first.

3. Once saved, go ahead and open the contact.

4. Use the little menu button, and then select ‘All calls to Voicemail’.


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