How to Install Incompatible Android Apps

Posted by mistermobile on Dec 7, 2015
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How to Install Incompatible Android Apps

Market Helper is the app you need when you want to install an app that isn’t compatible with your device. Assuming you have a rooted Android phone, all you need to do is enable Unknown sources in your security settings and then download Market Helper from the creator’s website. For obvious reasons, the app isn’t available in the Play Store so make sure you only download it from a reliable source.


1. Launch Market Helper.

2. You’ll see four drop-down boxes: device type, device model, location and carrier. These will be auto-filled to match the details of your device. You can change this to a different type and model, according to the app you want to download – so if you want to download a tablet-only app to your phone, you can select a tablet model from the drop-down menus and register it as a ‘new’ device. The device selection may not be huge, but generally any model for the device category you need is fine.

3. Select a device type.

4. Select a device model.

5. Select a region.

6. Select a carrier.

7. Tap Activate at the bottom of the screen and agree to the superuser request when it pops up. You might also have to agree to certain app permissions depending on which version of Android you’re running.

8. You’ll see an “Activated successfully” message. Head to Device Manager and once you see your new device showing up, you can hit the Play Store and download that app you want. As above, if you have issues with the Play Store, try clearing the cache or just grab the app through Chrome search results.

Note: When you want to change back, simply go back to Market Helper and return to the default settings, or reboot your phone.

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