How to Revive a Water Damaged Smartphone

Posted by mistermobile on Nov 22, 2015
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How to Revive a Water Damaged Smartphone

What not to do:

1. Do not turn it on.
2. Do not press any button or shake your device.
3. Do not blow it and also do not open it.

Revive A Water Damaged Smartphone:

1. Immediately turn off your device once you bring it out of the water, and pull the battery out, if your devices permits you in doing so.

2. Take a dry wipe or towel, and start smudging your device, ensure that you don’t rub it, as it would only rush the water inside of the device.

3. If you device allows you in doing so, remove the battery, SIM card, SD Card, and the back panel. Leave them from drying.

4. Never shake your device when it is wet, as it would just make the situation much worse.

5. Hold your device in an upright position to allow the free droplets of water to run down your device.

6. If you’re positive that there’s some water inside of there, use a vacuum to suck the air out, remember not to use something like a hair dryer or a blower which would rush the water inwards.

7. Once you’re done with that, acquire a zip-lock bag, and fill it with rice. Now, put your smartphone in, and leave it for about 2-3 days.

8. Take your smartphone out of the bag, and keep it in the sun for about 12 hours, just to ensure that all the water dries up.

Try turning your device on now. If you are lucky, like 80% of the people are, then you will be able to use your device once again. If not, take it to the specialist, and he’ll surely do the job for you. If you liked our guide, make sure you stay tuned for much stuff like this.

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