Top 5 Innovative iPhone Apps for 2015

Posted by mistermobile on Nov 17, 2015
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Although iOS mobile app developers may be looking for the best app monetization strategies to achieve the best success for their product, iPhone users are looking for something entirely different: innovative apps.

Top 5 Innovative iPhone Apps for 2015 - 01

With a plethora of iPhone-apps from which to choose, it’s not always easy knowing which applications are the most ground-breaking or unique. Although everyone has different opinions about what which apps are the best, the following are 5 apps considered to be among the most innovative for 2015.

1. CleanSpace. This unique app lets you see the air quality of the air you are currently breathing. What’s more, in addition to your current environment, it can also tell you the air quality of areas where you intend to travel and provide you alternative routes where air quality is better.

Top 5 Innovative iPhone Apps for 2015 - 02

2. Lucky Trip. If you love to travel, especially on a budget, than this is the app for you! Enter the amount you want to spend on a trip and the app will show you where you can travel whether you are searching for a destination, a place to stay, are looking for a flight, etc. The app searches SkyScanner for flights and matches the place with your budget.

3. moo-Q. For all the scientists out there who would like to conduct a little interesting research from their home, this is a great app. moo-Q helps you track and measure your mood and has you take numerical puzzle tests. The researchers on the other end of the app can see how your mood affects your cognitive abilities.

Top 5 Innovative iPhone Apps for 2015 - 03

4. Microsoft Translator. Want to translate words, phrases, etc. into your mother tongue or vice versa? You can do this with ease with this app. Speak or type words or phrases and have them translated automatically into other languages.

5. DayCost Free. This personal finance manager app makes keeping track of your daily spending a breeze. Keep track of your transactions and view easy to understand graphs that will show you where your money is going.

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