How to Control PlayStation 3 from your Android Device (Root Required)

Posted by mistermobile on Nov 15, 2015
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How to Control PlayStation 3 from your Android Device


1. First enable Bluetooth on your Android device. Settings, wireless control, Bluetooth.

2. Turn on your console, now head to settings, Manage Bluetooth devices, register a new device. Now go back to your smartphone.

3. Make sure your smartphone Bluetooth is visible, Settings, wireless controls, Bluetooth, Tap on check located below My Device. Now go back to you console screen.

4. Click on Register new device, you’ll be taken to a new Windows where you have to start scaning.

5. Once scanning is complete, select your smartphone. You’ll be provided a six-digit password to enter on your smartphone. Once you have entered the six-digit password your smartphone will be paired with the console.

6. Download BlueputDroid and install it.

7. Now that BlueputDroid is installed on your Android device, run the app. It will show you the list of devices that can be connected.

8. Select Play Station 3 from the list of Bluetooth devices, All Done.

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