How to Activate the Private Mode on Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Posted by mistermobile on Nov 12, 2015
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How To Activate The Private Mode On Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Here, we are going to discuss the activation steps of Private mode, which will keep all your personal information hidden in a folder.

Steps to activate Private mode

1. From the Home screen of your Galaxy S6 Edge+, tap Apps.
2. Tap Settings.
3. There you will see an option called “Personal.” Click on it to get more options.
4. Scroll the screen down and look for Privacy and Safety menu.
5. Here you will see Private Mode. Select this option from the Privacy and Safety menu.
6. A disclaimer message will be prompted to you. Click Confirm in order to proceed after reading the message.
7. In the Private Mode screen, there is a slider located at the upper-right corner. Slide it to activate the Private Mode on your Galaxy S6 Edge+.
8. On the next screen, you will be given four options such as PIN, Passwords, Pattern and Fingerprints. You will have to choose any of the unlock methods.
9. Then do as the instruction says and complete the process. In this guide, we will select PIN to continue.
10. Tap PIN, a Set PIN screen will be shown to you. Type in a PIN and hit Continue.
11. You have to re-enter the same PIN to confirm.
12. Click Ok. It will activate the Private Mode feature.
13. Click the slider located next to Auto Off. It will disable the Private Mode automatically when your phone screen is off.

Now you are all set to select the content that you want to hide in your device.

Steps to hide contents in Galaxy S6 Edge+

Once the Private Mode is enabled, you can hide videos, images, voice recordings and other data that you do not want others to see. Here we will discuss the steps to hide an image.

1. From the Home screen of your Galaxy S6 Edge +, tap Apps.
2. Click Gallery where all the images are saved.
3. Click an album. Next, touch an image and hold it to select that image. You will see a checkmark when the picture is selected.
4. To get more options, tap More.
5. Scroll the screen and tap Move to Private.
6. The selected data will now move to a private location on your device.

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