How to Set a 6-Digit or Custom Passcode in iOS9

Posted by mistermobile on Oct 2, 2015
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How to Set a 6-Digit or Custom Passcode in iOS9

The default passcode option for devices all the way up to iOS 9 has been four digits. Now, after updating or buying a device with iOS 9 installed, the default passcode request will have six digits.

If you would like to change to a six-digit passcode, return to a four-digit passcode, create your own multi-digit passcode or create an alphanumeric passcode, you can do so via Settings.


1. Open the Settings app.

2. Go to Touch ID & Passcode.

3. Enter your current passcode.

4.Tap on Change Passcode, followed by entering in your current password again.

The next screen will ask you to, “Enter your new passcode.” By default there will be six digits. This does not mean you must create a six digit password. Right below the digit placeholders is the Passcode Options button.

5. Tap on this and select the passcode option you prefer from the pop-up menu.

6. Once you select your option, create your passcode accordingly.

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