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Posted by mistermobile on Sep 22, 2015
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Mindfulness Daily - Meditation for peace of mind, stress reduction, anxiety and pain management for Apple iOS


Free today with ‘App of the Day’. Mindfulness Daily is the easiest way to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. This app guides you through quick, effective practices to reduce stress, improve performance and enhance sleep.

“This app is like my best friend. I feel like it asks me how I’m doing? How am I feeling? What mood am I in?…The alerts, the reminders, the pauses [let] you be still for a moment. Very highly recommend this app!”
– Joeykcmo (iTunes review)

“I am bipolar and anxiety is a constant struggle for me. I started mindfulness a few months ago after my new therapist recommended it & found the breathing exercises helpful but really easy to forget or ignore.

This app has reminders, guides you through the meditation techniques & the best part is the pause button. When I start feeling tense I just take a little pause and get my breathing under control. Having the images to view while breathing activates more of my mind freeing the anxious thoughts. The reminders can be set for whenever or how often I may need them which helps me return to the moment when I don’t even realize I’m tense.

I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety or just wants to live a more mindful, present life.”
– PookusJ (iTunes review)

– Featured in the iTunes App Store “What’s Hot” list in over 20 countries
– Developed with leading scientists, doctors, researchers, coaches and trainers
– Recommended by the Daily Mail as a “Stress-Busting Smartphone App to Keep You Calm on the Go”
– Powered by inward inc., which has been mentioned in The NYTimes, Newsweek, and NPR

Features include:

– Simple Start program: 21 days of free mindfulness audio lessons. Themes include mindful breathing, body awareness, kindness, and present moment awareness.
– Pause button: take a 15-second mindful Pause whenever you’re stressed or catch yourself on autopilot.
– Reminders: set personal reminders to nudge yourself to be mindful throughout the day.
– Practice library: select from a library of guided and self-guided practices. Extended practices available for purchase.
– Lifelog: notice patterns and gain insights from your Lifelog as your commitment to mindfulness takes root.
– Remix: after you’ve completed 21 days of mindfulness, use the unlocked Remix feature to continue practicing mindfulness your way.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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  • I believe this can really help my sister. Just to lessen the stress she’s been carrying for weeks already. You know how a teacher’s work does right? Definitely a helpful app.

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