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Posted by mistermobile on Sep 2, 2015
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Many people have been looking for Adobe Flash player for iPad, and everyone is usually shocked with the acknowledgement that Adobe Flash is not allowed on Apple devices, and it probably never will be. Fortunately, there are alternative apps you can download and install and most of these apps are not free of charge, but the good thing is they are pretty affordable.

1. Puffin Browser – Puffin Browser is super-fast, and for those who have been looking for flash browser for iPad, this app turned out to be an outstanding option.

Puffin Browser Plus - Fast & Flash for Apple iOS


2. 360 Web Browser – This flash browser for iPad is a really good Safari alternative because there is a flash video conversion for websites that are supported.

360 Web Browser Download Manager and Firefox Sync for Apple iOS


3. Photon Flash Player – It allows the users to watch Flash videos, listen to the music streamed via Flash player, use Flash apps, and play flash games.

Photon Flash Player for Apple iOS

APPLE ITUNES LINK-Photon Flash Player

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