5 Ways To Fix IPad Home Button Not Working

Posted by mistermobile on Aug 24, 2015
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5 Ways To Fix IPad Home Button Not Working

1. Recalibrate the home button

a. Press and hold the power button
b. When “slide to power off” appears on the screen of your iPad, release the power button and hold down the home button
c. Keep holding the home button until the home screen appears.

2. Clean the home button

One of the main reasons why iPad home button won’t work is because of debris, dirt and dust, so what you should do here is simply clean the button. To do that you should use rubbing alcohol, and you can pour a few drops on the cotton swab, and clean the button. Also, the other option is to pour a drop or two on your finger, rub the button and then push the button around its corners.

3. Portrait view/landscape view

a. Press and hold the home button while your iPad is in portrait view
b. Keep holding the button and turn the device to the landscape mode
c. Turn your device back to the portrait view
d. When doing this, make sure that your device’s screen rotates
e. Let go of the home button.

4. 5-finger gesture

a. Go to Settings
b. Set Multitasking Gestures to on
c. To go back to the Home screen, spread out your hand, and place five fingers on the screen, and pinch all the fingers in – grab them together.

5. Assistive touch

a. Go to Settings
b. Tap on Accessibility
c, Tap on Assistive touch and turn it on
d. Click on the icon that will show up in the bottom right corner
e. Select Home
f. Home button will be located in the bottom right corner
g. If you want to move it to another position, tap and hold the finger on it, and drag the icon where you want.

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