Veems – This Private-Messaging App Predicts Your Responses so you don’t have to Type

Posted by mistermobile on Jun 13, 2015
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Veems Messaging with a Kick - 01

Do you find it hard to type long sentences on your phone? Sometimes you don’t really have the luxury to type, most especially when you’re commuting. Imagine typing a whole paragraph when you’re in MRT, one hand on the rail and the other hand on the phone. All you can do is usually just scroll up and down and read. And then ignore the message. You promise to reply later but it will soon be forgotten.

That’s where Veems come in. Veems knows what you are going to say before you do. How? Veems uses a variety if indicators as well as on going personalization to predict the most likely responses to any text message, making them Quickers. Further, it offers libraries of Kickers to help Veemers kick off conversations when they are at a loss for words, such as apologies, pickup lines, and much more.

Kickers are simple and intuitive conversation starters for exactly the right moment. Kickers are especially helpful for users who want to gain new friends. You can send Kickers such as “how are you?” or “what’s up?” What’s great about the stickers is that they come with sound, allowing a more personal touch.

Veems Messaging with a Kick - 02

Quickers, on the other hand, make responses superfast by suggesting the obvious responses. Letting you focus on the conversation at hand. For example, when someone asks you “What’s up?” the app will suggest the three most relevant responses.

Today’s instant messaging is only about the speed of the technology and as a result users are suffering from messaging hesitation and fatigue. The very existence of concepts like TL;DR (too long; didn’t read) is an indication that something with IM isn’t working. But TL;DR is only a symptom of an ecosystem that has speed up the technology by sacrificing communications.

IM needs to support users to say more with less. To jump start our creativity when we need inspiration, to prompt us when we are at a loss for words and most importantly to ensure that conversations don’t stumble and die out.

Compatibility: Requires Android 4.0



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