Tincore: Tincore Keymapper for Android (Requires ROOT)

Posted by mistermobile on Jul 6, 2013
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mistermobile-Tincore Tincore Keymapper for Android


Device compatibility is steadily improving. Help me with your support.
Report issues in support group!!
For any issue please CONTACT before leaving negative feedback! Support for devices can be added/tuned!!

Control your touch only games with most keyboard, joysticks, gamepad or your phone or tablet buttons. Remap the functions of any key, button, mouse…

EXPERIMENTAL: Mapping of touch devices. Use you screen as virtual buttons and pad

EXPERIMENTAL: Remote modes. Use device with it’s connected periferals on another device.

Convert your keyboard or joystick to mouse. Convert mouse to stick or touch device…

Support BT and USB connected including Wiimotes, IPega and others. Wiimotes do not work on Android 4.2 due to OS incompatibilities.

Supports more than one gamepad/keyboard at a time.
More than 8 different touch interactions per button/stick.
Create profiles for your games/apps and have them automatically applied on the fly.
Simple, intutitive and well Holo integrated UI.
Very high game compatibility and lag-free performance.

Native driver support for some particular devices. This provides 100% compatibility and the lowest latency. JXD S7300.
If you are a manufacturer/distributor and you want your device supported natively please send email to: [email protected]

An experimental IME is added. It can be controlled with gamepads. It is NOT mandatory to use it. You can combine the application with other IME.

Manual (a bit outdated) in http://tincore.blogspot.nl/search?updated-max=2013-05-16T03:23:00-07:00&max-results=1


Some android games have issues when a gamepad stick is used and, at the same time, the screen is touched. Usually this hangs those games so they show an Application Not Respond message. If this happens is NOT a problem with the mapper but with the games and it will happen without the mapper installed as well.

The app works much better if you have a kernel with uinput module. Without uinput it is convenient to have the provided IME running. The game compatibility is lower.

This application requires ROOT. This is essential to control input devices.


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  • antikompressor

    I m search a method to control “ski-safari” with my wireless mouse.
    The mouse works great but the game wait for touch the pad.
    I have no pad, my device is an MK 808b

    thans for your app

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