TecAce Software: CameraAce – Photo Collections for Android (Award-Winning App With Filters, Multiple Frames and a Variety of Presets)

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One of the most liked Camera & Photo apps in Samsung S-suggest.
“This is one of the best applications for adding captions, drawings, and any other alterations to any of the photos within your gallery. I don’t review many apps, but I like to use this one all the time…!! It can also just change the color temp of the photos you choose too. Just in case you only have the chance to get a quick picture of something, so you need to touch it up to make it easier to view the details. It’s a great app now, but it can always get better. Good work…!!” – Dan Wilson – A CameraAce user.
Choose a preset Photography Theme before you snap a photo and CameraAce will take it from there. In other word, ‘Image batch processing’.
After you take a photo, CameraAce will automatically apply your theme’s preset photo effects and organize them for easy navigation. Now you can sit back and enjoy your photo collections in slideshow or viewing mode, which beautifully displays your photos to the background music of your choice.

When you fire up CameraAce, you will be presented with a photo workbench with multiple cameras, each with different settings suitable for whatever subjects you would like to photograph. The default Photography Themes include:

* “Family” Camera with the Glow filter, Stacked Frame and ‘Lasting Memories’ background music. Create ‘Family photo collection’. – Family Photo Album.
* “Food” Camera with indoor HDR landscape filter, Polaroid frame and ‘Sweet & Lovable’ background music. Create ‘Food photo collection’. – Food Photo Album.(Aka, Food Polaroid camera)
* “Landscape” Camera with HDR landscape filter, DoubleNet frame and ‘Something Wonderful’ background music. Create ‘Landscape photo collection’. – Landscape Photo Album
* “Me” Camera with Beauty filter, Notebook frame and ‘Sweet and lovable’ background music. Create ‘Me photo collection’. – Me photo Album.
You can edit the default themes or create your own Photography Theme. You can also edit and manage where each camera’s photos are saved. For example, you can create “Me” Camera( or self camera, portrait camera) and collect photos.
– CameraAce is optimized for use with Samsung’s S Pen but every device running Android 4.0+ are compatible as well. In addition to adding hand-written annotations to your photos, you can use your S Pen to hover over onscreen elements to view full-size previews and photo details.

CameraAce Features:

– Pre-organize your photos: Before taking a shot, choose an appropriate Photography Theme to automatically edit and organize your photo.
— Create and manage your own Photography Theme settings: assign a specific filter, frame, save location and background music for each camera type.
— 4 Camera widgets are provided: the widget allows you to quickly launch one of your preset Photography themes and play slideshow of the theme
– Enhanced photo filters/effects/collage editor – Don’t forget to check out the 4 different ‘HDR’ effects
– Scribble on your photos with various pen effects – Even without S-pen, you can draw or scribble on your photo with when using Samsung devices running Android 4.0+.
– 3 kinds of Slideshow mode with background music – bring out the beauty in your photo galleries which is a great way to view or browse your photo album.
– Photo frames with caption feature – Don’t forget to leave an annotation on your photos.
– Organize (delete, and move) and manage your photos with CamerAce’s photo management tools.
– Precision cropping feature.
– Facebook Cover Photo collages with our Collage Editor


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