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Smart Prepaid: All-Net SOS – Emergency Load (Text to All Networks)

by mistermobile on Aug 7, 2012 at 07:57

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Ask and you shall receive!

Say goodbye to load emergencies. With SMART SOS, you can get SMS when needed!

Choose between On-Net or All-Net SMS options.

With On-Net, you will get 3 SMART-to-SMART/TNT texts with P1.00-airtime. When you reload the next time, P4.00 will be deducted as “payment” for your previous loan.

Simply dial *767 (*SOS) to avail. You will get an SMS notification upon successful registration.

With All-Net, you can get 4 texts to all networks with P1.00 airport, thus P5.00 will be deducted.

Just dial *7572 to avail.

Of course, there are guidelines for borrowing:

You can’t avail od SOS packages simultaneously. You have to pay for your loan first.
The next transaction can only be done 48 hours after previous loan.
If you don’t reload within 30 days, your number will be service-blocked forever, so make sure you reload.
Live more with SMART On-Net or All-Net SOS!

This offer is open to all SMART Prepaid and TNT subscribers.

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