How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection with Your Mobile Phone and Tablet PC

Posted by mistermobile on Jun 13, 2012
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1. A Wifi adapter on your Desktop or Laptop.
2. Active Internet connection on your computer.
3. Mobile Phone or Tablet with WiFi.
4. Connectify.

Sharing Your Computer’s Internet Connection:

1. Download and install the Connectify.


Email: mistermobile{at}


2. Turn ON your Desktop or Laptop’s Wifi Adapter.

3. Start the Connectify Application on your PC.

4. Fill in the Hotspot Name and Password. Select the Network Adapter which powers your PC’s internet or select Automatic.

mistermobile-How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection - Connectify - 01

mistermobile-How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection - Connectify - 02

5. Select the Wifi Adapter of your PC (Share Over). Select WPA2 in Sharing Mode. Click on Start Hotspot.

6. Open your Mobile Phone or Tablet WiFi settings. Turn on Wifi Adapter. Search for new connections.

7. When the Connectify Hotspot appears, just click on it and enter the password you chose.

8. Connection Successful!

For Nokia Phone:

mistermobile-How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection - Nokia Symbian Mobile Phone

For Android Phone:

mistermobile-How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection - Samsung Galaxy Android Mobile Phone

For Android Tablet:

mistermobile-How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection - ASUS Transformer Prime Android Tablet - 01

mistermobile-How to Share Your Computer’s Internet Connection - ASUS Transformer Prime Android Tablet - 02


  • jherzkie

    ayaw po gumana sa psp ko not supported

  • dayang

    hello mistermobile,

    I’ve used these, but recently, connectify asked me to update to new version. done with that, I need to update to upgrade to PRO in order share my network. but it require password for the account of

    Help me. Thanks!

    • @dayang
      This app is already cracked. It is already PRO version, you can share your internet without upgrading to newer version. 🙂

  • dayang

    hello again mistermobile,

    so, I cannot use the connectify after upgrading it the other day. so I uninstall them and install it back again. But when I tried to use it, pop up window appear and said ‘ This version of Connectify is no longer supported, and will stop working in the next few days. You must update now.’ What should I do? guide me please, thanks!

    • Sami

      Got the same problem as you !!!!

    • tostillas

      same here. too bad, this would have been a good app to use. 🙁

  • aspire

    any update on this?
    it says upon activation that the “license and email address dont’ match or your license has expired”.
    they have the online activation now and you cant just enter license key anymore.

    • @aspire
      Download the application from the link above.

  • absolute

    for me,the link given above wast the one that i downloaded. But after installing it, it says i should update it to the new version because it will stop working after 5 days. and then the new version will ask for online registration.

  • montano

    good day. is there an update on this one? seems connectify has done a way to correct this method already by making the old version obsolete and requiring an online registration.

  • nature

    hey, i got the same problem too. cant share internet in this version and they are asking me to register.

  • pleghm

    i tried to download the newest version u have provided but when i entered the email add and the serial number i was redirected to a log in interface and it asks for email add and a password.. i need to log in first before to this interface before i can use the serial number. the connectify changed their procedure on how to verify the validity of the serial

  • pleghm

    kelangan po namin ng password mo kc nagbago po ng verification process ang system ng connectify..although valid po ung serial log in interface po bago maactivate ung pro version after pasting the required email add at serial key

  • drew12

    Hi !!

    I have here a new connectify pro!

    All you need to do in able to get the direct link (for download) is to give me an application that can upgrade android 2.3.5 gingerbread to 4.0+ jellybean.. and it should be safe and tested.. 🙂


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