Rom Patcher Plus v3.0 – S60v3, S60v5, S^3

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RomPatcher+ is an improved and fixed version of the RomPatcher software developed by ZoRn. Using RomPatcher+ it is possibile to reach a new level of customization for you Symbian phone.

This is the list of the main differences in comparison with RomPatcher by ZoRn:

– New: compatibile with all the 3rh, 5th, S^3 devices
– New: support for compiled patches
– New: can dump the whole rom content to file \romdumpplus.dmp
– New: can dump the SuperPage content to file \superpage.dmp
– New: full support for DomainSrv.exe autostart, with Recovery Fault
– New: introduced new commands ord_rel, ord_snr which allow to patch DLL using ordinal
– New: can be integrated in cooked ROM firmware
– New: it is now possible to apply/remove patches with just 1 click.
– New: added vertical scrollbar.
– New: introduced the new command “+SuperPage” which allow to patch the RAM area where is stored the SuperPage.
– New: introduced support for a new commands, info: return: error: check the demo1-4.rmp patches included.
– New: introduced #ifdef, #ifndef, #else, #endif, #define statements. This will allow to retrieve system values at runtime to create more flexible and powerful patches. Check the ReadMe_Macros.txt for all the details.
– New: you can search / filter the patches in the list. Just start typing the patch name to apply the filter.
– New: wildcard ?? support for patches.
– Fixed: Kern-Exec0 error when closing RomPatcher after a patch was applied.
– Fixed: doesn’t unexpectedly crash when using large and complex patches.
– Fixed: RP+ can correcly patch contiguous shadow ram pages without any crash.
– Improved: the “Patch Info…” option shows all the information lines contained in the patch.

How to install
There exists many ways to install RomPatcher+, here’s a couple of them:
1) If your phone has been hacked to allow installation of unsigned .sis then install RomPatcherPlus_3.0.sis
2) If your phone has not been hacked yet, check out the file “LiteVersion\ReadMe.txt”

Change-Log v2.6 > v3.0 (Version jumped to v3.0 due to S^3 support)

+ New: RP+ now supports also Symbian^3 devices! All the 3rd/5th/S^3 devices are fully supported 🙂
+ Improved: InstallServer.rmp patch has been updated to support S^3 devices too. The old Open4All.rmp patch is already working on S^3 too, without any change.
+ Improved: removed the “Donate with SMS” option, it was used by too few people.
+ Fixed: sometimes the “RP+ Recovery Fault” message was wrongly shown, it should be definitely fixed.







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  • kirbskii

    san makakapagdownload ng mga patch?

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    p helpp nmn sa rompatcher sa nokia e63-1 at instruction pag inistall ko nag certificate error help me please

  • shuhaib

    certificate error……!!! 🙁
    pls help me….
    How can i fix that problem?

  • Raijin

    Paano po kung na delete yung open4all rmp at intallserver rmp? Kasi pag open ku ng rompatcher eg emty laman paano po ito plss. Help

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    i like it

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