MMCPwd v1.0.0 – S60v3, S60v5 (Recover MMC Password) – Python

Posted by mistermobile on May 29, 2011
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To retrieve or recover the password for the memory card.

Note: Install Python


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15 Responses to MMCPwd v1.0.0 – S60v3, S60v5 (Recover MMC Password) – Python

  1. oxyride says:

    sayang walng pang s40

  2. zato says:

    pafz M anung phyton po ang need ko d2?

  3. zato says:

    pafz M nadl ko na ung fphyton sa phone memo ko pati yung mmc reco .ayaw gumana,file not found po ung lumalabas na script nung nirun ko na ung mmcreco.

  4. zato says:

    pafz M, sa memorycard na aayusin or sa hndi?kpg sa aayusin ayaw masave eh.

  5. oxyride says:

    kailangan pa pu ba ng python bago ito magamit ?

  6. fadi says:

    download MMCPwd.jar

  7. rain says:

    sana meron pang lock code na pang v3..

  8. harry111 says:

    brother…not working in my Nokia e51

  9. maman setiaman says:


  10. kaptown says:

    its not working error file not found

  11. glitch16 says:

    meron na akong python, kapag ininstall ung MMC-Password-Retriever “component”python for s60” missing

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