FuguMobile: Coffin Buffin Game

Posted by mistermobile on Mar 21, 2011
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In a world gone crazy, we have a star, a crazed scientist bent upon releasing the souls of the long dead. Keep him ahead of the Grim Reaper as he hops from one coffin to another on his macabre mission, just steps from being put into one himself.


Use your mobile keys (2,4,6,8) to control the scientist Jump from coffin to coffin to open it and release the dead souls Avoid the Grim Reaper and the lightening bolts Grab hold of the bats to escape from the Grim Reaper that follows you Earn a bonus life every 10,000 points.


Global Tournament mode available on all fugumobile games, allowing users to post hi-scores on a global scorecard and compete with other users worldwide.






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